Through the development of our own products and the integration of partner products, we deliver industry-leading solutions, allowing customers to benefit from efficiency gains and lifecycle extensions to existing telecoms assets and technologies.


With an extensive experience across the globe, TIMWE Group has accumulated a track record of successful projects in the telecom industry. For over a decade we have been helping mobile operators develop, deploy and manage vast array of services and applications. Based on this experience, TECHWE brings together a deep understanding of the telecoms sector and deployment of open technologies and standards.


Our profound understanding of global trends and local market needs allows us to exploit solutions and best practices methodologies from variety of markets. Combined expertise, allows us to provide end-to-end professional services. Together with our partners, we ensure that the entire product lifecycle is optimized. As part of our services, we can provide Systems Integration, Custom Development and ensure Outsourced Operations:


  • Detailed assessments of mobile operator’s network, provide recommendations and if required out-of-the box or customized solutions.
  • Our team can assume full control of daily management of IT related infrastructure with a mix of on and off premise of experts;
  • We are fully aware that each client is unique, as such we can develop and enable local service development and customization services; custom made solutions;
  • Lastly, we have significant experience in working with 3rd party solution providers. As such, we can ensure that complex and lengthy solution integration is performed within time and budget constraints, thus providing additional assurance that contracted suppliers deliver within agreed standards.


  • Improve operation efficiency, decrease TTM and reduce OPEX
  • Deploy successful solutions based on best practices and methodologies
  • Reduce costly delays and overcome risks through a detailed planning process or during implementation
  • Ensure third party suppliers deliver within agreed standards
  • Accelerate adoption of new technologies and industry trends
  • Improve capability to scale while keeping costs in check
  • Decrease TTM and TCO thus improving competitiveness
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