Traditional mobile industry leaders are facing rapidly increasing threats from the Over-The-Top solution providers. In such a competitive market, where consumers’ tastes and needs change as fast as latest smartphone devices are rolled-out, mobile operators must ensure high levels of QoS and decreased TTM.

TIMWE Group has encapsulated over a decade of experience working closely with mobile operators across the world in the Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP). Based on this experience TECHWE is able to help our customers remain profitable and competitive.


The Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) is a multiservice delivery platform for both on and off-portal business that enables, besides portal development, the advertisement, commerce and billing of a wide range of contents and services, which are either provided by TECHWE or by its VAS partners.


TECHWE has a two-pronged approach: scalable and reliable technology fully supported by professional service and operation models. The model provided by TECHWE helps mobile operators outsource both the platform and VAS operations, if so desired. TECHWE also provides local service development and customization services, thus allowing our customers to create bespoke solutions that are hyperlocal and relevant. We have furthermore developed a portfolio of ready-to-deploy services and applications that allow mobile operators to provide new value to customers very fast.


MEP business architecture is developed to support use cases related to service and content delivery, broadly considered, through four blocks: Marketing & Promotion, Service/Content Management, Partner Management and Operations.


The MARKETING & PROMOTION processes, supported by MEP, deal with a specter of activities that range from prospectively assessing market trends and shaping an offer to analyzing the results of marketing campaigns.

SERVICE/ CONTENT MANAGEMENT encompasses every aspect of handling content and services going from portfolio planning to billing and quality assurance.


The PARTNER MANAGEMENT block deals with every aspect of the business relationship with partners, be it the initial sourcing and negotiation activities to payments and performance monitoring. TECHWE actively supports mobile operators in creating partner ecosystems. Our services include partner qualification, acquisition, and on-boarding. Moreover, we ensure optimization of entire partner lifecycle management including settlement and reconciliation.


Supporting all other three blocks are the OPERATIONS block, comprising the systems backbone of the platform by monitoring, planning and managing it.

Apart from the inherent processes and services provided, at the backbone of the platform are key modules that allow operation efficiencies and service quality gains.


MEP mediates content/service providers and VAS end users. As to ensure seamless integration of CPs and SPs and management of the same, MEP provides a partner management layer. On the other side, our multi channels capabilities allow mobile operators to deliver content and services through multiple channels, such as SMS, MMS, WAP, USSD, and others.


In its core, MEP has six modules that range from platform management to billing. These core modules integrate with both OSS and BSS systems from the mobile operators.


TECHWE is committed to support our customers as they develop and deliver a full range of integrated, innovative and cost-effective solutions for the customer base. Selected benefits of Mobile Engagement Platform are:

Increased profitability

  • Increased profitability

From the integration of MEP with OSS/BSS and networks, to development of services, we are in the position of providing a full end-to-end service allowing our customer to focus on what really matters – tapping into new revenue streams and cutting down operational costs.


  • Time to market

Whether launching our ready-to-deploy solutions or building a customized, bespoke application, MEP improves time to market and provide a competitive edge.


  • Partner eco-system

Enables rapid integration with any service provider and / or content provider.




  • Scalability

Permits linear scaling to support millions of wireless subscribers all based on carriergrade performance and reliability.


  • Adaptability

MEP is built having in mind industry constraints. Portfolio flexibility helps our customer base stay ahead of fast-evolving market conditions.


  • Enhanced customer experience

By providing hyperlocal, relevant and reliable content and applications, we can satisfy they expectations.


Based on the MEP solution, we can also provide a complete end-to-end service management, right from service procurement, to overall service operations management, enabling operators to quickly provide new value to customers and monetize their platform investments.

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