Consolidated Messaging Platform & Call Completion


The success of Advanced Messaging Platform suite of products in major operators across the world is largely due to our ability to support multiple messaging services on a single platform. This enables our customers to realize considerable OPEX and CAPEX savings as they can replace multiple legacy systems with a single multitenant platform using a common hardware footprint and single web GUI to manage and configure all services.


  • Full “effective” consolidation
  • Easily scalable to millions of users
  • Total cost of ownership kept on minimum levels
  • Full Range of VAS Services offered with one platform
  • Efficient, open and flexible architecture
  • Price versus quality ratio competitiveness
  • Different pricing models available




Aligned with the specific requirements, the Advanced Messaging Platform has been proven in both traditional and hosted environments. With an adaptable and flexible architecture, software only or turnkey solutions are available, ensuring Advanced Messaging can be deployed into any network.


By consolidating all services within TECHWE’s Advanced Messaging Platform, the administrator can simply login to a web GUI and control, manage and monitor each individual module. Customers are supported with a dedicated training plan and have one point of contact available 24/7 for ongoing support. This is a truly consolidated platform for all messaging services ensuring clean and efficient management.


TECHWE’s modularized platform allows new messaging modules to be activated immediately without the need for further software installation, and there is no additional hardware required. Our modular architecture ensures operators have a future-proof solution as all new modules are built on the same software architecture.


TECHWE’s Advanced Messaging Platform has open and flexible web-based API’s. Platform’s Adapt API gives mobile operators flexibility when launching new services. While industry´s APIs, such as the GSMA One API and the RCS API ensure we are compliant with industry standards.

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