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Customer Centric Business Processes


By delivering a 360-degree view of the customer and streamlining typically complex processes, Unified Front End improves the effectiveness of customer interaction processes, reducing the costs all the while increasing customer satisfaction. Based on Web Applications and Native Apps the platform provides:


  • Friendly User Interface completely oriented to efficient business process execution
  • Automation of processes to increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Standardization of processes across channels and geographies
  • Distinct User profiles allowing different layouts and operations accordingly to user preferences and permissions
  • Separation between the presentation layer and business logic, allowing the design of processes without restrictions imposed by underlying systems
  • Channel independence of processes to assure business process continuity across channels thus reducing TCO
  • Flexible to support new products and services without customizations
  • Flexible enough to support additional channels


  • Reduce Interaction Handling Times

The total handling times of the processes is drastically reduced by using a more efficient process by redesigning the UI to become a single interface, process oriented, automated and paper-free instead of using manual and complex processes based on multiple systems.


  • Reduce Errors

Multiple systems, with thousands of data records managed independently and manually increases the probability of inconsistencies. That in return requires reprocessing and affects the customer experience. A Single User Interface reduces the complexity of the Stores and Call Center processes, automates the execution steps of the processes and ensures data integrity.


  • Reduce Training

The training time of agents is proportional to the complexity of the process, more specifically the data involved, number of applications and usability of the applications. By minimizing these indicators, we will decrease the complexity and thus reduce required agent training.


  • A process oriented User Interface for all devices

Unified front end  is fully focused on streamlining the E2E processes, by automating processes and integrating data from separate systems into a single user experience.



Call Management


  • Integration with CTI for in and outbound calls
  • Presentation of call scripts, including data collection
  • Access to help information


  360º Customer View


  • Access to historical customer interactions and all the information about orders, activities, TTs, purchases,   customer payments
  • Access to service configuration
  • Access to utilities (notes, calculator, etc.)

Trouble Tickets Mgmt


  • Create work orders and complaints
  • Attribution of resolution for service orders by backoffice teams


Network updates


  • Access to the configuration of subscriber in IN and reset settings
  • Processing of events in IN lifecycle
  • Access to the configuration of the subscriber on the network (HLR)


Sales, Vouchers and Points Management


  • Credits and debits history
  • Release of credits and debits
  • Balance of account, invoices and payments
  • Vouchers Management


Service/MSISDN Mgmt


  • Exchange of SIM card
  • Changing MSISDN
  • Transfer Service / MSISDN between accounts

Activation of new Customers, Accounts & Services / MSISDN


  • Activation for Client, Account and retail services or business services
  • Process preactivation bulk of prepaid SIM cards


  Tariff plans and Services Management


  • Activation, modification, deactivation of supplementary services
  • Orders with multiple configuration changes
  • Tariff plans changes
  • Migrations between accounts and pre / post


Account status and Service Management


  • Suspension and removal of service
  • Deactivation and Reactivation
  • Black lists management
  • Submission and execution of bulk orders




  • Integration with Inline Management
  • Sale of equipment, accessories and vouchers
  • Activation / Deactivation of services
  • Customer registration process
  • Dematerialization of contracts and document scanning
  • Integration with card readers and external payment devices
  • Integration with inventory management
  • Return process in store



  • Payment of invoices
  • Electronic recharges
  • Issue of receipts
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Closing cashier and closing store
  • Export files for reconciliation of payments
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