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Enterprise Business Optimization


Shape Telecom, designed specifically for the Telecom Industry provides advanced insights to ascertain cost and profitability of the customer segments, marketing campaigns and services.


By processing and integrating events generated from a variety of service platforms into its unique data repository, Shape Telecom is perfectly positioned to deliver a unified 360-degree view of the customer, enabling service providers to properly apply segmentation rules; focusing on the real value of each customer segment.


By cross-referencing customer activity, the solution identifies correlation between behaviour and/or customer preferences, facilitating the creation of new offers for improved customer retention.


  • Allows communication service providers to instantly update and roll out new services and promotions in a timely manner. Shape Telecom reduces time-to-market for products from weeks to days.
  • Customizable to reflect the specific requirements of each mobile operator and customer segment.
  • Provides valuable information that empowers marketing campaigns.
  • Delivers an analytical platform that exposes rich customer behavior profiles to the marketing and sales support teams.
  • Reduction in campaign costs and risks through proper target selection and higher response rates.
  • Better knowledge of the drivers associated with the customer value.
  • Provides valuable insights that predict subscriber churn and needs.
  • Increases competitive advantage by increasing customers┬┤ satisfaction.


Campaign impacts are tracked automatically in SHAPE Telecom, by analyzing and comparing target and control group’s behaviours. Business Dashboards can easily be created for end-users to track main business indicators.


Users simply choose which business indicators are required to setup a chart from the available fields list and then customize the layout to present results focusing on five different areas.


Micro-segmentation tool


  • Supports the design, development and execution of marketing campaigns;
  • Enables over 100 variables to be used for customer segmentation analysis.


Data Quality module


  • Definition of data flow alarm rules, and notifications when out of perimeter;
  • Allows implementation of action plans as to trace and correct the problem before it affects Shape Telecom deliverables.


Churn Prediction models


  • Track churn rate (for every segment), to analyze subscriber churn by class/probability, to profile subscriber churn behavior, to access model validity indicators and to explore model results details at the subscriber level.


Behavioral Segmentation Models


  • Allows CSPs to analyze segment assignment and evolution, segment description based on behavioral indicators, segments migration analysis, model stability assessment (including the stability of input behavior indicators), and segment detail analysis (at the subscriber level).
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