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The ongoing growth in services based on mobile data networks is a challenge to any operator that wishes to remain competitive in today’s telecommunications market. Meeting such competitive standards requires taking maximum advantage from all available network resources. The PCC solution is designed for precisely this purpose, as it:


  • Empowers the operator to offer innovative, differentiating services that meet customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Allows the shaping of bandwidth according to the operator’s policy;
  • Optimizes internet connections and radio capacities, giving priority to customers that are prepared to pay more for these resources;
  • Delivers excellent levels of performance from the data network and reduces the damaging effects of abusive usage;
  • Acts as a key feature in any diversified offer of data plans designed to match the specificities of the mobile telecommunications data market;
  • Reduces the time-to-market for the deployment of new services, by making the most of ip-Raft’s flexible parameterization;
  • Guarantees a first-rate quality of usage experience (QoE), with increased levels of customer satisfaction;
  • Minimizes the risk of fraud and non-payments. These can now be easily handled through the real-time blocking of access for customers who have reached their credit limit or exhausted their balance;
  • Can be scaled up gradually in response to business’ needs;
  • Covers both fixed and mobile telecommunications technologies. PCC offers operators a high performance solution that is both fully scalable and entirely reliable. The modular PCRF architecture can be adjusted to suit small, medium and large-scale operators and a full range of scenarios, from the most straightforward to the most complex. Our solutions are currently serving and servicing millions of customers around the world.


The solution’s architecture is layer-based, with several functions operating transversely across a number of these layers.


PCC incorporates a number of features designed to enhance the operator’s business flow:


  • Optimization of the network’s capacities, prioritizing bandwidth for specific services;
  • Offer of differentiated, innovative services that will meet customers’ expectations;
  • Advanced functions for controlling network congestion;
  • Perceptible improvement in quality of service (QoE) for the customer;
  • Increased network capacity means a similar increase in revenue;
  • Management of the benefits acquired through the purchase of vouchers;
  • Online management consumption in terms of: – Time – Volumes
  • Schedule management (day, month, year, time…);
  • Real-time control over customer time and volume consumption while accessing data;
  • Dynamic mechanism for changing QoS according to the agreed PDP;
  • Immediate application of charging rules in the PCEF following provisioning of customer changes (e.g. Turbo Button);
  • Scheduling of charging rule configuration (activation and deactivation);
  • Happy hour mechanism;
  • Redirecting customer to the captive portal;
  • Customer communication via SMS or email (when they reach a certain level of consumption or regarding promotional events);
  • Real-time policy control by bearer or flow, in response to the individual customer’s context and behavior;
  • LTE and VoLTE Ready.
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