Dealer Management



Dealer Management System (DMS) satisfies the needs and challenges faced by telecommunication operators. Dealer Management System (DMS) is a modular solution assisting in digitalization and automation of end-to-end sales and distribution ecosystem for enterprises. Dealer Management System (DMS) manages the complete channel functions i.e. hierarchies, stock movement, ordering, alerts, performance (of both employees and partners), as well as targets.  It also tracks each unique serial number through the channel and helps fight counterfeit.

Key Highlights of DMS

  • Automation of the Sales and Distribution chain, providing visibility of operations and performance for decision makers;
  • Generation and tracking of vital KPIs from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of channel operations;
  • Tracking stock movements and replenishment across the chain – batch no, expiry, serial number, movement across various entities in the channel;
  • Target and performance of all entities that are part of the entire chain;
  • Mobile App empowering the field sales force for more informed secondary sales and beat planning;
  • GIS module providing decision makers with unparalleled view and insights about the coverage of the Sales & Distribution channel on geographic maps;
  • Managing incentives for the different entities in the channel;


TECHWE has a two-pronged approach: scalable and reliable technology fully supported by professional service and operation models. TECHWE also provides local service development and customization services, thus allowing our customers to create bespoke solutions that are relevant.


The DMS is state of the Art, well-proven technology platform working with various operators around the world, who are able to monitor in real time, their Sales and Distribution Chain. It is divided into multiple modules.


  • Sales organization management covers the aspect of managing the actors involved in the process of sales as well as other non-sales users in the organization hierarchy assisting the sales & distribution process.
  • Product management module facilitates the configuration & lifecycle management of the products. It allows CSPs to set-up the product related sale/availability conditions as well as business rules. This ensures a total control of sales related processes in terms of differential pricing, taxation, re-order levels, amongst others.
  • Inventory Management allows the CSPs and channel partners to manage their inventory. It manages the stock quantity, serial numbers attached to the product & status of each stock (serial) item. It helps in tracking the stock balances with each user/organization, movement of the stock and visibility by various stock/inventory statuses, as configured in the system.
  • Sales module covers all the processes involved when CSPs or partners sell products to the end customers and/or other partner organizations. The complete sales process from CSPs to the end customers can be divided into three stages- Primary sales, Secondary sales, and Tertiary sales.
  • Finance Management allows CSPs to maintain a financial account and manage finance balance of the users. CSPs can also view the account transaction and initiate balance adjustments for these users through DMS.
  • For monitoring business performance as well as making a quick and informed decision, it is very important to keep track of key business impacting performance indicators. DMS provides a visibility on these BPIs through interactive charts and dashboards which help reduce the response times of the decision makers.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) capabilities in DMS include defining route plans and locating and charting all the sales channel partners on geographical maps, viewing a real-time feed of agents in the field.
  • Performance Management provides the capability to set and monitor Targets and Incentives in the whole chain of Sales and Distribution.
  • The mobile application provides functionalities like View Beat Plan, Viewing of profiles of their retailers, View carrying stock, View target & Achievement, Secondary Sales (Selling to retail outlets), Retailer Image Capture, Cash collection, Credit sales limit for the outlet, Returns, Capture Geo-location of the retailer, Scan barcode. It also can be used to provide services like new SIM activation, SIM swap, recharge


The solution provides benefits like:


  • Boosts efficiency on the field;
  • Provides insight (not only visibility) around operational & financial performance (across distribution layers and other dimensions such as location);
  • Supports logistics & inventory processes for visibility and accuracy;
  • Enables sophistication around incentives/commissions (and secures accuracy when operational);
  • Allows tighter tracking of admin processes (receivables/payables, attendance);


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