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Credit Control and Collections Management


Collections Broker enables the automatic handling of the debt collection process through a set of configurable workflows. These allow the definition of the desired dunning process based on rules defined by certain events and criteria.


Collections Broker allows operators to react to any kind of event reported in the system with the most appropriate collection tasks. The solution can trigger multiple event responses, including, letters, emails, SMS notices, customer calls, or handover to an external collection agency, among other options.


Additionally it supports tasks assigned to external collection agents by providing information on collectibles and enabling the easy update of data recorded from customer contact.


  • Proven Solution

Collections Broker benefits from know-how, experience and references acquired by TECHWE from major telecom operators worldwide. The solution has been selected and successfully deployed worldwide in several fixed, mobile and cable communications & media providers.


  • Highly Flexible Product

Collections Broker is easily configurable using a Drag &Drop user interface to respond to the Operator’s specific requirements and empowering the collection team to implement the most appropriate actions. The system supports multiple languages and also multiple alphabets.


  • Complete, integrated and fully automated

Collections Broker covers the credit control and collection lifecycle with a single tool that’s closely integrated to the network and business systems. This enables an outstanding degree of front and backoffice automation.


  • Modular, Easy to Integrate and Maintain

Collections Broker easily integrates with different BSS and OSS and adapts to Operators’ specific needs. Being modular and highly configurable, it enables phased implementations, systems and process changes and the introduction of new processes, services and systems.


  • Scalability and Performance

Collections Broker architecture and technology enables its implementation by operators, from the small to the very large. It includes state-of-the-art techno- logy developed for maximum performance without affecting the performance of other systems.


Collections Broker architecture combines several different actions to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, preventing and combating bad debt.




  • Collections management teams rely on information and tools to effectively evaluate the creditworthiness of its customers and making consistent and accurate credit decisions in a faster and simpler way.
  • The Collection Broker ‘Credit Scoring’ feature helps your company achieve growth and financial stability by tailoring credit risk management policies to your specific needs.
  • Our credit scoring module performs automated credit controls during the entire customer lifecycle- from customer activation, throughout the full billing cycle, and up through collections and beyond. It predicts credit risk and triggers intelligent preventive credit control initiatives.




  • This module continuously monitors the pro-rata usage for each customer against their credit limit. This way excessive usage can be identified at any point in the billing cycle and appropriate action automatically taken to prevent possible default.
  • The actions available are defined in the scenario for each specific customer type. These may include phone calls to take partial payment or to make an offer of an increased credit limit; there are many possibilities.
  • The solution supports multiple scenarios and each scenario can be easily defined to suit a particular customer segment, using information including credit and behavior score. The scenario to be applied to each customer may be updated as further information is collected according to the credit limit strategy.




  • This module monitors customers’ debt and by applying user configured segmentation strategies, based on several criteria such as ‘customer type’, ‘risk scoring’, or ‘overdue amount’, among others, decides how to handle each situation by applying different collection scenarios.
  • Each scenario comprises several collection actions aimed at persuading the customer to pay. The collection action templates are provided and automatically populated and executed as configured, within the collection scenarios or by hand through the manual action features given.
  • Collections Broker provides extensive easy-to-use features to manage and execute strategies, scenarios and actions, automatically or manually.



  • This module supports the simulation and establishment of payment agreements with customers and controls them from the moment of the request to the conclusion or breach of the agreement.
  • Payment agreements can be a Promise (term for payment postponed until a predetermined date) or a Payment Plan (several installments/amounts payable on predetermined dates).
  • These are defined taking flexible parameters into consideration (e.g.: number of installments, period, calculation, method, and interest rate, if applicable).




  • This module manages the interaction with external collection agencies.
  • Collections Broker enables the creation of packages based on different criteria, their distribution to the different external collection agencies and tracking them according to the rules defined.
  • For each package, commission payment rules are established and calculated, such as recovery rates and achievement bonuses, as well as the negotiation limits for the overdue invoices.
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