Probing and Testing


ArQoS system platform is a Quality of Experience and Quality of Service top solution for your Engineering, Operations, Marketing, CRM and Top Management that offers a global view on the user perceived network, service quality and performance levels.


ArQoS prevents customer complaints by maintaining a high level of excellence, through the tight monitoring of networks and services, and ensuring efficient troubleshooting, to provide fast responses and reduce impact on service quality.


Furthermore, offers the necessary flexibility to keep up with the network’s expansion evolution according to ETSI/ITU-T/ETF/3GPP standards and recommendations.


Landline and Mobile probe types are available, providing both intrusive and non-intrusive measurements that can be reported in real time (automatically and recursively) to the ArQoS main SW modules. These are responsible for acquiring, processing and presenting you with highly customizable views of the aggregated and/or granular network and service performance data.


ArQoS may also be easily integrated with third party platforms in order to report KPIs, KQIs and other QoS and QoE parameters.


  • Reduced OPEX

Due to automatic preventive maintenance and notifications.


  • CAPEX reduction

By knowing exactly how your network and service perform, directly promoting investment budget optimizations.


  • Evaluation of upgrades and new services before commercial deployment


  • Allows service benchmarking

By gathering a complete overview on competitors’ and roaming partners’ service level.


  • Facilitates revenue assurance

Due to an auditing tool that controls the billing process to detect income losses or undue billing.


  • Increased customer satisfaction

By keeping high levels of network and service availability/performance.


Logical Architecture

Functional Architecture


  • User-friendly web interface with network partitions and access control management;
  • Creation of dedicated, automatic test plans that cover multiple technologies and service assessments that can be executed recursively and/or instantaneously on a defined group of hardware probes;
  • Cartographical visualization of tests results, performance and quality indicators, network information and events collected and georeferenced by the hardware probes on the geographical information System (GIS);
  • Allows detailed and customized individual and group data analysis, being able to export it to external formats like MS-Excel;
  • Enables threshold instant alarm notifications by SMS, Email, FAX and SNMP traps;
  • Allows remote management of hardware probes, including firmware and software upgrades.
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