Performance and QoS Management


The ALTAIA platform is a performance and QoS (quality of service) management solution for telecommunication networks and services. It consists on a set of modules that o­ffer:


  • Network, Service and Customer indicators;
  • Quality of service indicators;
  • CDR, IPDR, xDR and metrics analysis;
  • Service guarantee analysis;
  • Threshold performance alarms;
  • Performance Alarms analysis and management;
  • KPI and KQI management;
  • Trending & forecast analysis;
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management.


ALTAIA off­ers valuable information to Telco Service Providers about their network and service performance. It provides valuable help across departments (customer, operations, marketing, planning, et cetera) during the decision making process, by providing real-time data and insights. ALTAIA is a multi-vendor, multi-technology and future-proof platform.


  • Manage the performance of your business and networks.
  • Enjoy an end-to-end vision of QoS and performance data, in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments.
  • Quickly integrate new indicators, KPIs and KQIs, using native configuration tools.
  • Access performance and QoS threshold violation.
  • Easily manage SLO and SLA.
  • Support for planning activities by providing forecasts through metrics based on historical data, impact analysis and seasonality detection.
  • Benefit from a multitude of ready-to-use packs with KPI/KQIs and reports focused on domains, technologies and services.


ALTAIA is a TMForum Frameworx v.12 certified product following the standards and guidelines in this sector. The ALTAIA’s modular architecture is made up of several modules supported by a JEE cluster. This makes the platform scalable and compatible with any operational scenario.


This architecture can be deployed in application and database servers, growing according to the client’s needs, ranging from single servers to large server farms. The architecture can be adaptable to support big data and complex event processing scenarios, providing insightful analysis and reporting capabilities.


  • Scalable solution with multi-platform compatible web interfaces;
  • Collection of resource indicators and counters from all types of network elements;
  • Inventory-based data’s enrichment;
  • Definition of metrics’ dictionaries for the whole company;
  • Production of performance and QoS metrics;
  • Definition of threshold violation levels (SLAs);
  • Detection and generation of degradation alarms;
  • Data warehouse with performance KPIs and automatic data aging mechanisms;
  • Monitoring resource and service indicators (intrusive and non-intrusive probing);
  • Support for predictive analysis based on forecasting and trending techniques to anticipate the degradation of networks and/or services.
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