At TIMWE Group we believe that investing in Innovation is not only a necessity but a long term responsibility we have, as to ensure the continuous improvement and advancements of the mobile industry. Innovation is now a key factor that is revolutionizing the value chain of all kinds of industries, helping companies to achieve success in a particularly challenging and fast moving environment.


In today’s competitive global context, companies need to survive in an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, also known as the VUCA World for short. Indeed, Innovation is at the heart of TIMWE’s day-to-day operations, fostered by our dedicated Innovation team. Driven by our desire to add more & more value to our clients, we bring innovative technologies, services and products to the market within the VUCA environment.


Since 2011, TIMWE Group has been investing in R&D through a team of engineers fully dedicated to the simple task of prototyping and developing innovative solutions. Located in our TIMWE Lab, the team is focusing on identifying and researching new technologies and industry trends and, above all, their implications on our clients’ daily operations and long term positioning.

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